5 Top benefits of scalp massage for hair growth

I admit, I was a little sceptical when I first heard about scalp massage a few years ago; but when you think about how much time, money and attention we spend on the “dead” part of our hair, trying to get it in good condition, surely it is logical that we should pay a bit more attention to the area it comes out from? The condition of your scalp and the hair follicles are so important to healthy hair growth that I now believe it is essential to spend time ensuring that our hair has a great environment to grow at its best.
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What is so great about scalp massage?

Massaging your scalp (or having it massaged for you .. even better!), does a number of things for you:
1. Stress relief: Taking a few minutes to gently massage your scalp gives you some time to relax. The slow movement and (if you use them) essential oils can really help calm the muscles around the head and relieve tension. It is reported that one of the reasons people can suffer with hair loss or thinning is stress.
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2. Improves scalp condition: Massage helps to lubricate and condition the scalp helping to prevent flakes and dryness. It has been reported that having a dry, irritated scalp could contribute to hair thinning. (If you currently suffer from a scalp or skin condition, I recommend seeking advice from your healthcare practitioner before starting a massage routine).
3. Increase blood flow: The slow, kneading pressure warms the skin and opens blood vessels to increase blood flow and improve circulation around the scalp. This is great if your blood is full of fantastic nutrients that are going to aid healthy hair growth.
4. Strengthens roots and hair shaft: By massaging your scalp, you encourage the natural oils to work their way down the hair shaft. This promotes lustre and helps to protect the hair from breakage and split ends. One common reason for hair thinning is weak, brittle hair that is damaged easily and prone to breakage.
5. Natural, Free Treatment: The best thing about scalp massage is it is a natural way to help maintain a healthy scalp and head of hair. With the added benefits of relaxation and stress relief, you owe it to yourself and your hair to take a few minutes out to do this. 
I recommend taking LUSTALOX Hair Supplements from My Hair Secret for 1 week before your first scalp massage so that you have all the nutrients in your blood stream required to maintain healthy hair growth. Now, if you are as impatient as me, you will want to see results sooner than 90 days. Although not guaranteed to speed up results, conducting a scalp massage is a great way to help move those nutrients to the hair follicles so that they can start their work! I suggest massaging your scalp for 3-5 mins per day for 7 days in a row each month, (So, 1 week on, 3 weeks off) for optimal results. If you do it all the time, your scalp will get used to it and you will not achieve the same benefits, so it is best to have that break in-between. 
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Written by Emma Procter BSc, Consultant at “My Hair Secret
All content is the personal opinion of the writer and not intended as medical advice. Please consult your health care practitioner for any medical advice.