Has Lockdown made your Hair Fall out?

Sounds a bit drastic doesn't it? Or does it? If you have noticed more hair loss during the past year, it is no wonder when you consider what we have had to endure.

Here are 3 reasons why you may be experiencing more hair loss recently.


1. Lower levels of Vitamin D

If you have been shielding for some of the year or not going outside as much. Your levels of Vitamin D may be lower than usual. This can have a significant effect on hair growth and Vitamin D deficiency has been reported to be a cause of Hair Loss. If you're suffering from vitamin D deficiency, it may affect the defective stem cell renewal and hair follicle cycle. Other signs of low Vitamin D are: Mood swings, Slow healing and Fatigue. You can find Vitamin D in Oily Fish, Cheese, some fortified Cereals and Eggs. We have recently added Vitamin D3 to our new “Hair Boost” supplements for this very reason.

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2. Increased Stress

There has been a lot to feel stressed about over the last year: Fear of Covid, financial situations, illness and isolation just to name a few. Stress can have a real impact on your hair health. One of the main reasons is that stress can push the hairs growth cycle out of sync. This means that some hair may move into the “resting phase” too early resulting in hair falling out when washing and brushing, or just generally falling out more than usual. This can be known as “Telogen Effluvium”. Another hair loss problem caused by stress is Trichotillomania. This is when we pull out our own hair due to stress. I have personally suffered from this. When stressed, I unknowingly plucked my eyelashes out while watching T.V. Before I knew it, I had bald patches where once was beautiful, long eyelashes, this in turn causes more stress. A very frustrating issue to deal with. A fantastic way to help destress and stimulate the hair and scalp is by conducting a scalp massage. See our fantastic guide to the inversion method scalp massage which is reported to speed up hair growth. Our new Hair Boost supplements include ingredients that have been reported to help get your hairs growth cycle back in sync again.

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3. Changes in your Diet

If you have been working from home or your routine has changed during lockdown, you could have seen a change in your hair health. This could be due to a change in your diet and the vitamin and minerals you intake regularly. The vitamins in your diet can have a large impact on your hair health and strength. Along with the Vitamin D as mentioned earlier, B vitamins such as Biotin can really benefit hair. It is reported that zinc deficiency can actually lead to deterioration of the protein structure that makes up the hair follicle and contribute to hair fall. Zinc and Selenium combined are often recommended by doctors for hair loss. Copper is also a very important element to consider, especially when taking Zinc. Copper peptides have been reported to inhibit DHT, the hormone that could contribute to hair loss. Take a look at our Hair Boost supplements which contain scientifically formulated levels of all of these vitamins and minerals plus a Unique blend called “Lustalox” which is specifically made to help hair health and maintain a healthy hair growth cycle.

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