How this UK mum solved her hair loss problems


When scientist, Emma Procter began experiencing problems with losing her hair due to a health condition, she began looking for a solution that wouldn’t affect her digestive system. She tells us how when she failed to find something suitable, she created her own remedy which has restored her crowning glory.

My Hair Secret. solution for hair loss

Emma Procter would brush her hair and be filled with dismay when she noticed more and more hair falling out.

Emma, 37, says as she lost more hair, it dented her confidence and made her feel self conscious about going out and socialising. Emma, who lives in Lancashire with partner Chris and has a son James  explains: “A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. “It is a rare and genetic condition and I was diagnosed after suffering a tendon tear and going to the doctors. “I had tests and after a while, they discovered I had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and was told it was untreatable. “It is caused by a faulty gene and affects the collagen in the body and it causes muscle tears and joint dislocation. “Ehler-Danlos syndrome is a degenerative condition and many people are mis-diagnosed.


“People who have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can also suffer from thin, weak hair and bad hair growth and this began to affect me. “It is disturbing to see your hair thinning. You try to carry on as normal working, socialising and enjoying family time but you are always self-conscious about your hair. “It knocked my confidence and I started looking for something to help grow my hair.” Emma also suffers from digestive issues so needed to find a solution that was also dairy free.


After researching various solutions to hair loss and working in a hair clinic as a consultant, Emma realised there were many people experiencing similar problems and looking for a remedy. Emma, who is a scientist and specialised in chemistry at Edgehill University, says: “I was looking for something that would be okay for my stomach but there wasn’t 
really anything. “During my research, I was extremely disturbed to find that a lot of the hair growth products on the market used a marine complex or collagen from marine animals, one of the popular ones being shark cartilage. “As I couldn’t find anything appropriate, as a scientist, I decided to research and create my own solution.” Emma began researching hair loss and the different vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help with hair growth.


She also looked at getting the right level of ingredients and researched which ones worked best together.

She found many offerings already on the market were not suitable for vegans or those with dietary issues such as dairy and wheat intolerance so made it her mission to make sure her product tackled this.

During her research, Emma found a possible link between a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and hair loss. She discovered a sensitivity to this hormone may cause miniaturisation of the hair follicles.

Emma found that sensitivity is hereditary and may increase with age.

This finding was the catalyst for her creating the unique blend “Lustalox”, which includes ingredients which have been reported to inhibit the formation of Dihydrotestosterone.

Emma’s research found other drugs containing treatments that addressed this issue generally came with some nasty side effects or were only suitable for men.

Emma says: “It took me about a year to come up with Lustalox and it is different from anything else on the market. I have used it on myself with success and my hair is thicker and grows so much faster.

“As the product worked so well on me, I decided to share it with others. I did some product trials and have now put it on the market.”

Emma says: “As a consultant, I have encountered people with a variety of hair issues and it is amazing and concerning to see the lengths some people go to to hide their hair problems before they ask for help.”

My Hair Secrets hair growth formula is 100 per cent drug free, suitable for both men and women and is the only product on the market to contain the unique Lustalox blend.

The product is made in a BRC grade A facility in Yorkshire and the main business is based in Lancashire. Emma says, “My heart and home is in the North and I want to see our area and economy grow. I hope that by keeping the manufacturing and business processes mainly Northern based, that eventually, as the business grows, My Hair Secret can contribute to the Northern powerhouse and provide more jobs in the area.”


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