Q. "Hi there Does this hair growth formula work for the onset of male pattern Baldness?"

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A. Yes, our product has been designed specifically with that issue in mind. You may be aware that there has been extensive research surrounding a specific hormone and its link to male pattern baldness/Alopecia androgenetica. The hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT for short) is synthesised from the male hormone Testosterone. It is sensitivity to this hormone that a lot of Scientists believe to be one of the main reasons we experience pattern baldness, specifically when we age as our Testosterone diminishes and production of DHT increases. Sensitivity is hereditary and more common in males. You may see some other members of your family sharing a particular hair line.

The Lustalox blend in our formula contains ingredients that have been reported to block the conversion of Testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. It is only the hair follicles that are experiencing thinning that are sensitive, but even if there is one tiny hair coming from a follicle, it could be revitalised if dealt with before the hair follicle dies. The whole formula is also packed with other nutrients at optimal levels specifically designed to 1. Protect the hair follicle, 2. Revitalise hair growth and 3. Ensure the new hair is as healthy as can be.


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