How can I grow my hair longer, faster?

Top 10 Tips to grow hair Longer, Faster!


We associate healthy hair with certain factors: Smoothness, Shine and Volume. Our hair is the first thing people see and we wear it everyday, so when it is not looking good, we don’t feel good. Hair is a sign of health and youth and the majority of us want to look and feel healthy and youthful, no matter how old we are.

Healthy hair is hair that grows through a normal hair growth cycle. As well as this, it is hair that is taken care of as it is growing. Hair that has minimal damage. Hair with a smooth shaft even if it is curly.

Healthy hair can stretch up to 20% - 30% before snapping. You can do a simple snap test / stretch test on your hair by taking a strand of your wet hair and pull between both hands (not from your root, you are testing the strength of the strand not your root). If it stretches well and doesn't snap easily it is probably healthy. If it snaps easily and doesn't stretch much, your hair may need moisture and/or protein and isn't as healthy as it could be. 

stronger hair no breakageBelow are some things I am going to share with you to help you grow your hair as healthy, long and thick as you can naturally do so.


You may be sick of hearing that “Healthy hair starts from within!”, but it is SO true. What we put into our bodies and our general health shows through in our hair and skin.

When we have suffered from an illness, stressful event or have an unhealthy diet our hair and skin can begin to look unhealthy and dull.

Having thin or weak hair can be very frustrating, especially when you are trying to grow it. When you have thin or weak hair, you may find that it breaks easily and becomes damaged with split ends.  Weak hair that breaks easily can make you appear to have thin hair because breakage can happen anywhere along the hair shaft. This means that as you get towards the bottom of your hair it looks and feels thin and fine. You may find wispy or frizzy areas from near the root all the way along the length making it hard to get that smooth, shiny, healthy look we strive for.


Our Top 10 Tips to grow hair Longer, Faster!

  • It is really important to keep a consistent, healthy, well balanced diet. Any change in nutrition can affect the hair. Hair is made mainly of protein, so it is important to keep protein levels up in order to maintain a healthy hair growth cycle. The hair loves proteins and healthy fats/oils, so it is good to have a diet with these in such as coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, avocado, seeds and legumes.Vegan protein , M Hair Secret, protein for hair
  • Keep water intake to an optimum level of approximately 4 pints per day. Water helps to flush out toxins and regulate the body’s’ circulatory system. This helps with the blood flow to your hair follicles. When the body is dehydrated, it directly impacts hair growth. There are some great apps to help ensure you keep up with your water intake.
  • Infuse the blood with nutrients that are great for strong, healthy hair growth. Some great vitamins and minerals for hair are Biotin, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A, C, D & E and Copper. Biotin in particular has been reported to have great effects on hair quality and growth. Our Hair Growth Supplements specific levels of nutrietnts and vitamins that work with each other to help stimulate hair growth and help prevent hair loss and breakage.

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  • Keep the scalp healthy so that it is a great environment for hair to grow. Use a kind, cleansing shampoo, preferably one containing tea tree oil. Zinc is great for keeping the scalp in good condition. It is reported that a Zinc deficiency can cause a dry, flaky scalp and hair loss.
  • Help the nutrients get to the hair follicle via the blood stream by conducting a regular scalp massage. This also helps to maintain a healthy scalp, please see our step by step guide to scalp massage including the inversion method. (It is said that this method could help you hair grow up to 1 inch in 1 week!) If you want to help your hair grow, it is really important to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. Increasing the blood flow to the scalp and getting those nutrients where they need to be will super boost your hair growth! Conducting regular scalp massages can also reduce stress and anxiety especially if you include some calming essential oils in your massage oil.
  • Look after the structure of the hair by limiting the amount of damaging actions on it. For example, try to dry hair naturally when possible and use a low heat when you do style. Use a heat protection spray before heat styling. Try to limit using chemical processes on the hair, such as using permanent hair colour or perming solution. Try to use a semi-permanent colour instead.
  • Avoid constant tight hairstyles with tight braiding or hair ties. Let your hair have a break, or vary the hairstyle so that you don’t put too much pressure on the hair shaft and scalp. Putting tension on your scalp can result in bald patches or what is known as traction Alopecia. This point is really important, because that constant pulling on the scalp and hair follicle can cause permanent damage.
  • Hair is more susceptible to damage when it is wet. Don’t brush you hair when it is wet, use a comb when wet and then the correct brush/comb to style when dry. There are different combs/brushes for different types of hair, it is worth investing in a good brush for your specific hair type.

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  • Keep the hair well conditioned along the shaft. I always recommend using conditioner every time you wash as it helps to detangle hair, minimising the potential for damage. You don’t need to condition near the scalp. Deep condition the hair each week with a good protein based conditioner, such as one with Keratin. You can make your own treatment by blending Eggs, Honey, avocado, natural yoghurt and natural coconut oil. Or a Vegan option for a great treatment: Coconut oil and avocado oil mixed together with a couple of drops of Rosemary or Peppermint (Great to use as a scalp massage oil too!) and smoothed through lengths of hair is great for moisture and protection. Leave on damp, clean hair for approx 10 mins then wash off. Did you know that most oils applied to the hair only act as a coating, but coconut oil and avocado oil can penetrate the hair shaft. Doing this reduces hair swell when washing and helps protect the hair and reduce damage to the hair cuticle. Be careful with protein treatments because you can overload the hair making it feel stiff. Try to mix up treatments and not always use the same type.
  • Protect hair follicles from miniaturisation. If you have a genetic predisposition to pattern baldness/hairloss, it may be caused by DHT sensitivity which is linked to miniaturisation of the hair follicle and hair loss. There are medications that help to block the formation of DHT such as Finasteride, but some medications can have negative side effects and can only be used by men. If you do have pattern baldness it is good to address this as soon as possible. If left, your hair follicles can miniaturise until no hair can grow in this area at all causing permenant hair loss. Our supplements are the only product in the world to contain LUSTALOX. This is a unique blend to help protect against DHT and is high in Antioxidants.



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