Q. I have thinning hair on the side and front of my head, can My Hair Secret supplement help me?

A. This is a problem experienced by many and our formula has been designed to help maintain a healthy hair growth cycle by providing the nutrients needed to achieve this. 
There are many reasons your hair may be thinning, it may be due to a gene shared by others in your family, a change in diet, stress, illness or many other things. These things can disrupt a healthy hair growth cycle, meaning that the hair may not stay in a growth phase long enough to receive nutrients resulting in weak, thin hair and more hair fall. If you have noticed a change recently in your hair health, think back to about 10 - 14 weeks ago. What changed or happened around this time? Diet, holiday, bereavement, illness? This may be the reason you have seen a change in your hair. The change takes approximately 90 days to show effect due to the hairs natural growth cycle.
Here is a diagram to show what a healthy hair growth cycle should look like:
Hair growth cycle

​If the cycle is disrupted, there can be a higher percentage of hairs on the head in either the Catagen or Telogen phase instead of being in the Anagen phase (Growing phase)
If we can correct this disruption and get your hair cycle back to how it should be, you will see a great improvement.
Also, if you find that other women in your family before you have suffered from thinning in the same areas on their head that you are, you may have a gene that makes you susceptible to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) sensitivity. 
The follicles that are sensitive to this hormone undergo a reaction, they may become inflamed and the follicle starts to shrink making it hard for nutrients to get to the hair. if the nutrients can't get to the hair during the growth phase, they become weaker and thinner and eventually, the hair follicle can die.
The Hair Growth Formula PLUS+ contains our own, unique, DHT blocking blend called LUSTALOX. The ingredients in this blend have been shown to prohibit the formation of DHT in order to protect your hair follicles from further attack. Once your follicles are protected, they will have chance to get back to normal and receive all the fantastic nutrients essential for hair growth again.
If hair has been left to get to the "Shiny Bald" stage and there is no sign of even a baby thin hair, it may be too late to revive that follicle as it may be dead. It is great that you have looked into solutions for your problem early and if there are even fine hairs growing, it is not too late.
I hope this has been of some help and if you have any more questions, please do get in touch.
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