Vitamin D and Hairloss

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for our bodies in many ways including to help maintain healthy bones and support our immune system.

Why is Vitamin D important for our Hair health?

Vitamin D has been reported to play a role in the creation of Hair Follicles. 
A deficiency in Vitamin D may affect the hair follicle growth cycle, pushing more hair into the Telogen phase and cause more shedding of the hair than normal. 
The life cycle of your hair-Hair changes at different stages
A deficiency in Vitamin D is reported as one of the most common causes of hair loss in both men and women and there is a reported link between deficiency in this vitamin and Alopecia.

Low Vitamin D levels have been linked to:

Androgenetic Alopecia  - Male / Female pattern hair loss

Telogen effluvium  - Excess hair shedding / Hair growth cycle is pushed into the Telogen phase (see image above)

Alopecia areata - Losing hair in clumps / patches


What are some Signs of Vitamin D deficiency?

Hair loss
Mood swings / changes in mood / depression
Fatigue / Tiredness / Exhaustion
Immune Response issues
Muscle issues / Cramping / Aching muscles
Bone issues / Joint pains / Back pain
Digestive issues

Our research has shown that an increase in Vitamin D can be beneficial for healthy hair growth and that a deficiency could cause Hair loss.

We have recently added Vitamin D3 to our new “Hair Boost” supplements for this very reason. Not just a small amount, but a huge 4000iu which is more than often found in Vitamin D3 supplements alone. 

We have also added Magnesuim as this is an essential mineral to take alongside Vitamin D as they work in combination and rely on each other to be fully effective.

According to "Studies have shown that if a person is deficient in magnesium, no amount of Vitamin D3 supplementation will allow a patient to realize the health benefits of adequate Vitamin D"

Along with Vitamin D and Magnesium, our “Hair Boost” supplements also contain a Hairmazing cocktail of nutrients such as : Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Biotin and our unique blend "Lustalox" to help protect against DHT damage and toxins that can be harmful to hair health.
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Hair loss and Vitamin D Magnesium deficiency
The information in this article is not intended as medical advice. If you are concerned about vitamin D deficiency-related hair loss, please consult a doctor.