Why did we make "My Hair Secret" Vegan?

Why we made our brand Vegan

“At ‘My Hair Secret’ we believe that you can have fantastic, Scientifically formulated products without the need to use ANY animal products at all and we are on a mission to prove this!”

My Hair Secret was founded by Scientist, Emma Procter right here in the UK. She wanted to find a solution for her own hair problem and embarked on a journey to develop one that she knew would work. Emma suffers from a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), this, along with the medication needed to control her condition contributed to Emma’s hair thinning and she found that there was more and more hair coming out when washing and brushing each day. Emmas’ condition also contributes to digestive issues and she suffers from lactose intolerance. This meant she had to find a solution that was at least lactose or dairy free.

During the development of the Hair Growth Formula, Emma researched other, well known products available on the market to see what active ingredients were used and which ones had the best results and feedback. She was extremely disturbed to find that a lot of hair growth products on the market used a marine complex or collagen from Marine animals, one of the popular ones being Shark cartilage. Shocked by this, Emma researched other ingredients that were just as effective but did not contain any animal products.

Shark cartilage in hair products. vegan hair care. hair growth tabletsIt was this revelation that motivated Emma Procter to vow to make the “My Hair Secret “ products  Vegan, Cruelty free, Drug free, Dairy + Gluten Free  and a brand that can be trusted by all. Emma said, “As an animal lover, I could not rest easy knowing that any product I made had to use an animal in some way for the sake of beauty. In my mind, this is totally unacceptable. After researching the fantastic ingredients that you can source from plants and other natural substances, there is absolutely no need to include animal derived ingredients in any beauty product. It is important for Scientists like myself to ensure that we are aware of these alternative ingredients and by using them in conjunction with each other and in the correct amounts, there is no need to compromise on effectiveness or quality at all.”

Emmas’ Hair Growth formula contains a unique blend called “LUSTALOX” that has Dihydrotestosterone inhibiting effects. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone that has been linked to thinning hair. It is truly revolutionary and her brand “My Hair Secret” produces the only product on the market to contain this unique blend. 

You can find the Hair Growth Formula PLUS+ with LUSTALOX by “My Hair Secret” online at WWW.MYHAIRSECRET.CO.UK

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