Winter Beard Care without the Baubles!

Winter can be harsh on the face and hair!
If you want to partake in the beard decorating this Holiday season you need to get it in top condition!

Keep your beard looking healthy this Christmas with our

Top 5 Beard Care tips

1) Let it grow...

"Let your beard grow out a little longer over Christmas, even if just by a couple of millimetres. The extra coverage will not only look better with heavy winter woollies, but will also keep your face from freezing whilst bicycling."

2) Take inspiration from bygone times...

"Don't be afraid to let your moustache grow out a little. The styled, old fashioned look is quite on spec right now, but if you cant go the pure mo then a dominant 'tashe is the next best thing, get twiddling!"

Beard Winter care

3) Keep it thick and full...

"Sometimes beards can get patchy due to various factors including cold weather. Keep your blood full of beard growing ammo with nutrients and vitamins such as those packed into My Hair Secret's Hair Growth Formula PLUS+."


Awesome beard

4) Keep it under control...

"Give it a weekly trim with a decent beard trimmer to keep it even. I like the Philips Series 5000 Beard and Stubble Trimmer BT5200/13 with 17 length Settings and self sharpening blades."


5) Maintain your mane...

"Invest in Mr Natty's Beard Elixir. A few drops of this daily will keep whiskers glossy and well-conditioned. They have a great range of beard care products that also smell really nice"


Merry Beardmas!